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Agenda Científica - UPS
SYMPOSIUM de investigación en tecnologías de apoyo a la discapacidad
Curso de accesibilidad web
Los días 24 y 25 de marzo del presente año se realizó el "Primer Curso de Accesibilidad Web"
Nueva Publicación Revista Energía
Publicación del CIDII reconocida como mejor publicación en la revista Energía.
Investigadores del CIDII presentan sus resultados de investigación en LASCAS2014

Proyectos de investigación

Proyectos de Investigación - UPS
  • modelo ilp para la optimización de la implementación de redes wdm-pon
  • diseño, construcción, emplazamiento y monitoreo de un sistema solar para calentamiento de agua para piscina.
  • propuesta para la creación del observatorio de accesibilidad web en la universidad politécnica salesiana
  • sistema de intermediación en línea para compra/venta de lotes de productos con apoyo en redes sociales
  • sistemas inteligentes de soporte a la educación (sinsae v2)
  • algoritmos de control de auto-sanación aplicados en microrredes eléctricas
  • diseño, implementación y monitoreo de calentadores híbridos con energía solar-glp y energía solar-calentadores eléctricos para la obtención de agua caliente sanitaria.

Convocatorias Convocatorias


The 5th IEEE Biosignals and Biorobotics conference (ISSNIP) in 2014 will be held in Salvador, Brazil. The overall purpose and theme of this conference are to provide an opportunity for scientists from around the world, with special focus for scientists and clinicians from South America, to exchange notes and discuss research in signal processing, pattern recognition, electronics and computers for helping the disabled, the elderly, and people in special circumstances. It will allow electronic, biomedical and biosignal engineers the chance to interact with clinicians, rehabilitation engineers, rehabilitation nurses and paramedics.

This conference aims at opening discussions and awareness regarding the important area of sustainability and humanity of healthcare devices. While the world population is aging, and resources are being depleted, the scaling costs of health care are a subject of concern. There is also the belief that sustainability, both financial and environment is an important factor that has yet to become a focus of discussions. This conference will be a forum to discuss these issues pertaining to biosignals and biorobotics. Specifically, the papers related to the following research topics are invited:

  • Bioelectric Signal Processing
    • Bioelectric signals for human computer interface with emphasis on EEG and EMG based systems.
    • Bioelectric signal analysis for human health
    • Bioelectric signal for communication and command
    • Techniques for classification and analysis of bioelectric signals.
    • Recent developments in bioelectric signal analysis
  • Biomedical Image Analysis.
    • Development of new algorithms for machine based analysis.
    • Transmission of medical images for remote diagnosis
    • Improved reliability of medical image analysis
    • Reduced cost of medical imaging
  • Bio-robotics: Mobility devices
    • Wheelchairs
    • Walkers
    • Exoskeleton
    • Wearable robots
    • Lower limb prosthesis
    • Bioelectric signals for human movement
  • Bio-robotics: Manipulation
    • Upper limber prosthesis
    • Robotic hands
    • Robots for rehabilitation.
    • Other manipulative devices
  • Interface Devices
    • Human machine interfaces
    • Human computer interfaces
    • Brain computer interfaces
  • Humanity and sustainability related to healthcare devices
    • Cost of the devices
    • Infrastructure required for these devices.
    • Issues of demographics in relations to healthcare devices.           

Keynote Speakers for BRC2014

Prof. Rangaraj M. Rangayyan
Prof. Garry Allison
Prof. Antonio Marcus Nogueira Lima

Important Dates:                              

14th October, 2013 
Submission of papers opens
25th January, 2014 
Last date for Submission of papers 
29th March, 2014  
Announcement of paper acceptance
22nd March, 2014  
Online registration opens 
26th April, 2014 
Last date for submission of final manuscript 
26th April, 2014  
Early bird registration ends
26th to 28th May, 2014
Full days of conference


Contact: For website or conference enquiries, contact Sruthi Sahebjada

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